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Tis the Season - Large

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  • Delicious Munching Snack Box with 6 Variety Packets| Perfect Gift Choice

    Our Christmas snack container contains 6 different tempting flavours that are enjoyed by everyone.

    Box contains:

    Chocolate caramels (4oz): Chocolate caramels are covered with delicious milk and chocolate. We use real butter, heavy cream, and Madagascar vanilla.

    Haribo gummy peaches (4oz): Our Haribo peaches are sprinkled with sugar, real fruit flavour and contain chewy gummies. 

    Haribo gummy strawberries: Our famous Haribo gummies come in strawberry shape and flavour. These are free from artificial colour and flavour.

    Milk chocolate raisins (4oz):  Our raisins are covered with real chocolate and milk. The main ingredients are sugar, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, soy lecithin and raisins.

    Tiramisu cordials (4oz): Our Classic Tiramisu dessert bites dusted with cocoa powder have a creamy shell filled with amaretto and coffee.

    Milk chocolate jumbo malt balls (4oz): Our double dipped milk chocolate jumbo malt balls are prepared from creamy and 100% pure milk chocolate. Satisfy your sweet tooth with this delectable sweet snack.