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North Pole - Small

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Yummy Guzzlers Snack Box with 4 Variety Packets| Enjoyed By Everyone
Our Christmas snack container contains 4 different tempting flavors that are enjoyed by everyone.

The Christmas snack box contains:

  • Haribo Gummy Raspberries Black & Red: The mixture of our fat- free red and black raspberry fruit gummies are perfect for decorating cakes and topping desserts.
  • Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Crisps: Our milk chocolate peanut butter crisps are ideal for serving house gatherings.
  • Chocolate Hearts: The heart-shaped chocolates wrapped in vibrant red color can instantly attract the kids.
  • Milk And Dark Chocolate Assorted Panned Sea Salt Caramels: These kettle-cooked sea salt caramels are perfect blends of milk, chocolate, and sea salt.