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Penguin - Small

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Yummy Guzzlers Snack Box with 4 Variety Packets| Loved By Everyone

The 4 different tempting flavors can make your celebrations more special.

Box contains:

Candy Blox 4oz: Our popular edible candy blocks come in different sizes, flavors as well as colors ideal for birthday celebrations. The main ingredients are citric acid, calcium stearate, artificial flavors, artificial colors, milk, and soya.

Haribo Gummy Peaches 4oz: Our Haribo peaches are sprinkled with sugar, real fruit flavor and contain chewy gummies.

Binable Caramels Milk Chocolate 4oz: Binable Buttery caramels are covered with delicious milk chocolate. The main ingredients are butter, heavy cream, and Madagascar vanilla.

Milk Chocolate Brownie Batter 4oz: These chocolates have fudge-like brownie center covered with chocolate for a rich chocolate treat. Our Brownies make you're every treat delightful.