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Sweet Christmas Wishes - Large

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Enjoy This Christmas Our Yummy Gift Box | Unforgettable Taste

Enhance your gifting choices this Christmas by choosing our high-quality products made from real milk and chocolate. Both foodies and non -foodies, equally love our yummy goodies pack.


Chocolate Caramels: Chocolate caramels are covered with delicious milk and chocolate. We use real butter, heavy cream, and Madagascar vanilla.

Milk Chocolate Marshmallow Caramel Treat: Our milk chocolate marshmallow is soft and instantly melts in your mouth. It gives you a delightful experience.

Milk Chocolate Brownie Batter: These chocolates are offered with fudge-like brownie centre coated with milk chocolate for a rich chocolate treat.

Binable Milk ChocolateIts fine and real ingredients gives the classic taste of milk and chocolate.

Chocolate HeartsOur tasty chocolate hearts are wrapped in vibrant red colour foil.

Milk chocolate sea salt caramel mini sandwich cookies: The bites of sandwich cookies are topped and wrapped with sweet caramel and dusted with sea salt.