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Greek Olive Oil

Greek Olive Oil

Health benefits of Greek olive oil

One of the most well-known Greek products, olive oil is now popular all over the world for its taste, its style, and the reported health benefits of the little fruit. Medical studies have shown that people eating the traditional Greek diet, also known as the 'Mediterranean diet' are more likely to be free of heart problems and the thickening of the arteries associated with chronic health problems. There are also other reputed benefits of Greek olive oil, and cold-pressed olive oil is also recommended for those trying

out an exclusion diet, since it is one of the purest forms of this oil. Understanding the health benefits of this oil can ensure that people consume it for the right reasons.

The Mediterranean diet

This famous diet was developed to improve cardiovascular problems after a report in the 1980s showed that the Greeks and the Italians had lower coronary disease death rates than anywhere else. This was attributed to their overall diet, but Greek olive oil was researched further ,and has been shown to reduce the chance of a first episode of coronary problems, and will also reduce the dangerous lipids in the blood stream.

Weight loss

Although most weight loss diets seek to reduce the total amount of oils and fats in a person's diet, Greek olive oil has been shown to encourage weight loss. Olive oil may play some part in the breakdown of fat cells, and reduce belly fat. It is also claimed to reduce insulin resistance, although the research is not complete on the last issue. However, it may help type 2 diabetics who need to lose weight. It is shown to lessen the effects of diabetes which can have a positive impact on the health of the diabetic overall. The olive oil should, of course, be used as a replacement rather than as an additional food source, since it is oily. Experts recommend two tablespoons of olive oil a day, best used in cooking where it can replace vegetable or nut oils in frying.

Source of vitamins

Greek olive oil is a great source of fat-soluble vitamins such as A D and K, which are useful in preventing illnesses and cell oxidation. In addition to these vitamins, it also contains a variety of antioxidants which help to strengthen the immune system. It is therefore good for general health, keeping back colds and illnesses, and also important for helping to keep the skin young-looking. It is also useful as a natural painkiller, as it contains oleocanthal, known to be an anti-inflammatory. Pregnant women are also advised to take olive oil in order to help the child grow well and to give them developmental advantages.