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Cheetos Draculinia

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Cheetos Draculinia

This famous pizza-flavored corn snack is popular with adults and kids. It's called “Dracoulinia” because they look like the shape of Dracula's fangs and kids love to put these fangs under their lips as a game! They won't last long though as this maize snack is so delicious you'll just want more! Grab a bag and enjoy the spicy tomato flavor that's a well-loved part of growing up in Greece. 

Interesting fact: Draculinia were not always Cheetos. In the 90s, Frito-Lay bought Tasty, the Greek company that originally produced Draculinia, so many adults remember the original version of this fun oven-baked snack.

  • 100-gram pack Draculinia
  • Oven-baked corn snack
  • Spicy cheese and tomato flavor
  • Product of Greece