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Arahova Barrel Feta

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Arahova Farms Barrel-Aged Feta Cheese (2 sizes)

Nothing is better than authentic, barrel-aged feta, direct from Greece! Made from a mix of sheep and goat's milk, Arahova Farms feta cheese stands apart for its creamy texture and bold, tangy flavor. Arahova Farms ages its feta in barrels for several months, a traditional Greek method of cheese-making to produce feta that offers a superior taste and quality. Serve this feta with oil and herbs as a delicious table cheese for a party appetizer, or in your salads and entrees for a burst of delicious flavor. Arahova Farms feta is also packaged in brine to help preserve its freshness, flavor, and moist texture. Brined feta will last for several months, so you can enjoy it anytime the occasion is right!