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Arosis Dry Fava 14.1oz

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Top-quality yellow split pea melts when boiled into a delicious velvety puree, typically served with raw onions and olive oil.

Arosis Dry Greek Fava Beans, 14 oz

Create delicious appetizers, spreads, soups, and dips with Arosis Dry Greek Fava Beans. Green fava beans are yellow split peas, rather than traditional broad fava beans. When cooked, they develop a creamy, puree-like texture that makes a great base for a healthy and filling dip, similar to hummus. Cook them for about 45 minutes with onions, garlic, herbs, and spices to create a savory appetizer that can be served with olive oil and pita bread. Or simmer them longer with meat or veggies for a hearty stew. Arosis fava beans are the real deal, harvested from small family farms in Greece. Add this versatile ingredient to your pantry for authentic Greek recipes.