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Arosis Organic Greek Giant Beans

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There are giant beans and then there are Arosis Organic Greek giant beans! These authentic Greek OrganicGigantes beans come from the nutrient-rich, damp, and loamy soils of Seres in Northern Greece. Arosis organic Greek Giant Beans are from select Greek producers and have been farmed in the same way for generations

Arosis organic Greek Giant Beans are the beans you’ll need to enjoy the most heart and satisfying of dishes, Gigantes plaki. Soak these quality Greek giant beans well and slow-cook them in the classic tomato sauce with plenty of garlic, herbs, and olive oil. Like the Greeks, you’ll want to have Arosis organic Greek Giant Beans on the menu at least once per week! Serve with warm crusty bread and plenty of feta!

  • 14oz pack
  • Ideal for stews, soups, salads, or on their own. 
  • Product of Greece.