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Cypriot Halloumi Alambra 8.8oz - pack of 5

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Alambra Cypriot Halloumi Cheese

Halloumi is a beloved traditional cheese from Cyprus, and Alambra produces their award-winning halloumi cheese using authentic methods and decades of experience. Halloumi cheese is made from a combination of cow, sheep, and goat milk for a bold, briny flavor. It is a semi-hard cheese with a high melting point, making it ideal for grilling or frying. Heat up some halloumi slices for a burst of saltiness in your wraps, pitas, or sandwiches, or crumble your halloumi into salads, rice dishes, or pasta for added flavor. Alambra halloumi cheese comes packaged in salted water to preserve it for a long period of time until you're ready to use it. Try it and enhance the flavor profile of your Greek dishes!