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Dodoni feta cheese - pack of 6

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The best selling feta cheese in Greece, DODONI 

  • 7oz
  • Vacuum pack
  • pack of 6
  • Product of Greece

Dodoni Feta Cheese

Dodoni feta cheese is the #1 selling feta in Greece for a reason! Dodoni sources its milk from genuine sheep and goat farmers in the Epirus region of Greece. Specific breeds are fed a biodiverse diet, resulting in an unforgettable feta. Dodoni feta is imported from Greece and arrives soaked in brine to maintain its delicate, moist texture and sharp flavor for a long life in your refrigerator. Cube or slice this feta to serve alongside olives and veggies in an appetizer platter, or crumble it for bold pops of flavor in your Greek salads, pastas, omelets, or pizzas! Order Dodoni feta in multipacks so you can have this quality cheese on hand whenever you need it.