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Greek Mix

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Indulge in the flavors of the Mediterranean with our exquisite Greek gift basket. This carefully curated collection is a true celebration of the rich culinary traditions of Greece and the broader Mediterranean region. Here's what you'll find in this delightful basket:

1. **Merenda (12.70oz)**: Dive into the luscious world of Merenda, a delightful hazelnut spread that's a staple of Mediterranean breakfast tables. Perfect for spreading on toast or enjoying by the spoonful.

2. **Attiki Honey Squeeze (16.57oz)**: Experience the golden nectar of Attiki honey, collected from the picturesque landscapes of Greece. This honey is a true embodiment of the Mediterranean's sweet essence.

3. **Papadopoulos Traditional Toasts (8.8oz)**: Enjoy the crunch and flavor of Papadopoulos traditional toasts. These toasts are the ideal companion to the rich spreads and dips of the Mediterranean.

4. **Papadopoulos Sandwich Cookies Filled with Strawberry (Gemista) (7oz)**: Savor the delectable taste of Papadopoulos sandwich cookies, generously filled with strawberry goodness. A delightful treat with a Mediterranean twist.

5. **ION Milk Chocowafer with Hazelnuts (1.34oz)**: Delight your taste buds with ION's Milk Chocowafer, a light and crispy wafer filled with the irresistible combination of milk chocolate and hazelnuts.

6. **Lacta Milk Chocolate (3oz)**: Discover the smooth and creamy taste of Lacta milk chocolate, a beloved treat in Greece. It's a little piece of heaven in every bite.

7. **Lacta Milk Chocolate with Almonds (3oz)**: Elevate your chocolate experience with Lacta's Milk Chocolate with Almonds. The combination of almonds and milk chocolate is a Mediterranean classic.

This Greek/Mediterranean gift basket is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the delectable world of Mediterranean flavors. Whether you're treating yourself or surprising a loved one, this basket is a true culinary journey through the Mediterranean. Share the joy of authentic Greek and Mediterranean delicacies with this thoughtfully crafted gift basket. Order yours today for a taste of Greece and the Mediterranean at its finest!

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