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Hotos Anthotyros pack of 3

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Hotos Anthotyros Cheese

The Hotos brand draws from generations of family knowledge in cheese-making learned from the Samarina region of Greece. Hotos anthotyros cheese is made from the whey and milk byproducts of feta production, resulting in a low-fat, multipurpose cheese. Fresh anthotyros is crumbly in texture and mild in flavor. Serve it as a table cheese with bread, eat it with fruit for breakfast, or use it as a filling in both sweet and savory pies or pastries. Hotos merges tradition with state of the equipment to produce the best quality cheeses with memorable, unique flavor. Try Hotos anthotyros cheese as an ingredient in your Greek meals to diversify your flavor palette!

  • 1lbs 
  • Pack of 3 
  • Product of Greece