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Krinos Kalamata Crown Figs

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Kalamata crown sun- dried figs 14oz. Product of Greece.

For thousands of years, figs have been prized for their unique sweetness and texture. The Peloponnese region of Kalamata is famed for its tender, chewy, sun-dried figs which are a staple of Mediterranean and Levantine cuisine.

The nutrition and flavor of these Krinos Kalamata Crown Figs is perfectly preserved by  drying under the hot Kalamata sun. With the harvesting season being short, these dried figs are processed the day they are picked so you can enjoy their dense chewy goondess. Enjoy these premium Krinos Kalamata figs paired with cheese, Greek yoghurt, walnuts, or classic cold cuts like Noumboulo Foumikado.

  • 100% naturally sun-dried figs
  • 14-oz (397g) pack
  • 100 calories per serving (40g)
  • Store in a cool and dry place