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Kriton Artos Barley Rusks P.G.I

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The Cretan rusk or dakos is at the heart of the rich culinary traditions of the island of Crete. Kritan Artos barley rusks take the simplest of ingredients, flour, olive oil and yeast to recreate a bread that has been eaten at least since the Minoan era!

Since 2004 the Kriton Artos bakery has been puting Cretain pastries on the map, and their rusks will not disappoint. These Kriton Artos barley rusks are traditionally made and packaged for perfect freshness and the satisfying crunch you expect. 

Kriton Artos barley rusks are the perfect vehicle for good cheese, ripe tomato, herbs and of course a liberal splash of extra virgin olive oil. We recommend you enjoy Kriton Artos barley rusks the Cretan way with the signature tang of soft, crumbly xinomyzithra cheese.

  • Kriton Artos barley rusks ingredients: wholmeal barley flour, wheat flour, sourdough, extra virgin olive oil, yeast, salt. 
  • May contain traces of milk, sesame, eggs, nuts.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Product of Greece.