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Macedonian Tahini with Honey

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Tahini is made from sesame seeds, rich in fiber, no salt added, with honey 12.34 oz. Product of Greece.

Haitoglou Bros. is a nearly century-old business that produces the best quality Macedonian Tahini with Honey using time-honored traditional methods in state-of-the-art production facilities in Greece. Made using stone-ground sesame seeds and authentic Greek honey, Haitoglou Bros. tahini is both sweet and savory and can be enjoyed as a spread or a dip. Treat yourself to an explosion of flavors by eating this tahini on toast or with fruit and nuts. The high fiber and mineral content from sesame seeds make it a health-conscious and nutritious choice. With Haitoglou Bros. Macedonian Tahini with Honey, feel free to indulge and snack happily!