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Manna Barley Rusks

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Double baked with great original taste 21.16oz. Product of Greece.

Following an authentic Greek family recipe, Tsatsaronakis Bakery's "The Manna" Dakos Barley Rusks are toasts kneaded by hand and baked in wood ovens using traditional Cretan ingredients. Baked using whole grain barley and wheat flours, Tsatsaronakis barley rusks are high in fiber and support a healthy diet. Eaten dry, their crispy and crunchy texture makes them enjoyable on their own or as a meal accompaniment. Try them with some olive oil and herbs, tomatoes, or Greek cheeses for a savory appetizer. Due to their high fiber content, barley rusks are excellent at absorbing liquid so they can also be eaten wet, such as enjoyed with soup or running them under water to soften them. Know that by selecting Tsatsaronakis Bakery's Barley Rusks, you are selecting a health-conscious choice baked with Cretan pride and history.