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Manna Rusks with Olive Oil Kithiron 500 g

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Following an authentic Greek family recipe, Tsatsaronakis Bakery's "The Manna" Wheat Rusks are toasts baked using traditional Cretan ingredients and methods. Made with stone-ground wheat flour and olive oil from Crete, these crunchy, savory toasts are enjoyable as snacks on their own or with cheese, soups, salads, or meals. Baked with balanced nutrition in mind, Tsatsaronakis "The Manna" Wheat Rusks with Olive Oil are high in fiber and minerals and provide a good source of energy for an active day. Serve them as an appetizer at a gathering or as a nutritious accompaniment to a family dinner. Know that by selecting Tsatsaronakis Bakery's Wheat Rusks, you are selecting a health-conscious choice baked with Cretan pride and history.