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Mentis Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cold Press 250ml

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The exquisite olive oil produced by Mentis Estate is hand picked and pressed carefully by local artisans. To preserve the integrity of this extra virgin olive oil, only limited quantities are available. A pure unblended olive oil, with an acidity of less than 0.5%, the Mentis Estate produces an aromatic and fruity nectar. Well-balanced characteristics described as pine, floral, nutty, buttery and pungent with a hint of artichoke make up this extra virgin oil.

The Mentis Estate olive trees are located in Neapolis, Laconia which is a microclimate offering fertile soil and perfect Mediterranean weather. Mentis Estate has produced olive oil for three generations harvesting the Athenolia olive variety. In mythology, the goddess Athena offered the gift of olives to the Athenians from the region of Laconia giving the name Athenolia to this variety of olives.

 We invite you to taste this distinct flavorful olive oil