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Mentis Fleur de sel sea salt

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The sea salt is 200 grams.
Laconia sea salt from Greece
Mentis Fleur de Sel is 100% hand-harvested using artisanal methods thereby producing the finest quality sea salt with its full compliment of minerals and the delicate taste of the Mediterranean Sea. Our product is a premium sea salt that enhances flavors, improves the texture of foods, and renders far more delicious meals. It is also excellent as a condiment over salads, vegetables, and any type of meat or fish. For a new taste sensation, we also recommend trying it on chocolate, ice cream, or your favorite fruit. The juxtaposition of flavors and textures will excite your taste buds. Locally harvested salt is a unique way to experience the rare and complex flavor of a region and the essence of a country.   Kali Orexi!!