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Morphakis Pickled Caper Leaves 9.5 oz

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Morphakis Picked Caper Leaves are a classic Greek delicacy that will enliven your salads, sauces, and strews with the same tangy pungency of a quality caperberry. Yes, the leaves of the caper bush, Capparis spinosa, are 100% edible, especially when enhanced with the piquant brine of Morphakis, one of Greece’s leading producers of pickles and condiments. 

Whether this is a familiar taste of home or something new to try, you’ll be delighted with the distinctive flavor of Morphakis Picked Caper Leaves. Morphakis have picked these leaves at the time of new spring growth for maximum tenderness and nutrition. Morphakis Picked Caper Leaves are also a rich source of the bioflavonoid quercetin, which has valuable anti-inflammatory and antihistamine effects. Use Morphakis Pickled Caper Leaves whole or chop them up for use in a range of Mediterranean dishes. 

  • Ingredients: caper leaves, vinegar, salt, acetic acid, sodium metabisulfite
  • 9.5 oz (269 gram) jar
  • Once opened, refrigerate
  • 2 calories per serving 
  • May contain thorns
  • Product of Cyprus