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Orino Sesame Pasteli 2.47oz

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Sesame Candy(Pasteli) with honey is an ancient Greek recipe for a power bar.

Orino Sesame and Honey Nut Bars are traditional Greek pastelis -- sweet bars made with nuts and Cretan honey that can be eaten as a dessert or an energizing snack. You can think of pastelis as Greek power bars! Made with all-natural, gluten-free ingredients, Orino Sesame and Honey nut bars are free from preservatives and artificial colors and flavorings for a satisfying taste. Take them on the go or pack them with your lunch for an enjoyable, crunchy snack. Sesame seeds also add a daily dose of fiber to your diet and make for a healthy dessert choice. Don't miss out on adding this smart, healthy snack to your pantry.