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Papadopoulos sandwich cookie filled with banana (gemista)

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Introducing Papadopoulos Banana-Filled Sandwich Cookies - A Delightful Fusion of Flavor in Every Bite!

Indulge in the delightful fusion of flavors with Papadopoulos Banana-Filled Sandwich Cookies, a tempting treat for your taste buds. These sumptuous sandwich cookies, filled with luscious banana cream, bring a touch of sweetness and excitement to your snack time. 

**A Taste of Unforgettable Delight:**
Papadopoulos Banana-Filled Sandwich Cookies are a harmonious blend of flavor and innovation. Our expertly crafted gemista, or "stuffed" cookies, capture the essence of indulgence.

- *Sandwich cookie recipes*: No need to hunt for the perfect recipe; Papadopoulos has perfected the art of crafting exquisite sandwich cookies.

- *Cream-filled cookies*: Our gemista cookies offer the taste of homemade quality with the convenience of a store-bought treat.

- *Banana-filled sandwich cookies*: The filling in these cookies is an absolute delight for banana lovers, offering a burst of fruity sweetness with every bite.

- *Gourmet sandwich cookies*: Experience the pinnacle of gourmet snacking with these expertly crafted gemista.

**Versatility in Every Bite:**
Papadopoulos Banana-Filled Sandwich Cookies are versatile for every snacking occasion. Enjoy them as:

- A delectable afternoon snack, perfect with a cup of coffee or tea.
- A delightful addition to your dessert platter, adding a touch of fruity sweetness.
- A unique treat that kids and adults alike will savor with joy.

**Quality and Flavor in One Package:**
Crafted with care and filled with a rich banana cream, Papadopoulos ensures that each sandwich cookie embodies the flavors of nostalgia and innovation. These cookies are perfect for those moments when you want a sweet and satisfying treat.

Elevate your snack experience with Papadopoulos Banana-Filled Sandwich Cookies. Order this delightful gemista treat today and discover the perfect balance of flavor fusion. Whether you're a seasoned foodie or just seeking a memorable snack, these cookies are a must-have for your pantry. Savor the sweet magic in every bite!


Papadopoulos Gemista - Banana cream filled Cookies 7oz. Product of Greece.

A century ago, the Papadopoulos family sold their first biscuits to the Greek people. Since then, Papadopoulos Gemista Sandwich Cookies have become a nostalgic national favorite in Greece loved by both children and adults. Papadopoulos Gemista Banana Cream Sandwich Cookies consist of two crisp chocolate biscuits filled with smooth and delicious banana cream. Not too sweet, these cookies make the perfect snack or dessert and can be enjoyed alone or with your favorite coffee or tea. Each package contains 15 cookies, enough for the whole family. These classic cookies are famous for a reason and come in many different flavors to try -- don't miss out on adding them to your pantry!