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Sitos Sour Trahanas

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Make a heartwarming bowl of trahanas (τραχανάς) as delicious as Yiayia's with Sitos sour trahanas, the authentically Greek ingredient you need. Sitos sour trahanas comes from Tripoli, in Peloponnese, Greece where it is lovingly made to a homemade recipe using the finest quality cracked wheat, milk, butter, and salt. 

Sitos sour trahanas not only work beautifully in Greek recipes, but also in Cypriot and Middle Eastern cuisine. The satisfyingly coarse crumb of Sitos sour trahanas is perfect in winter soups cooked with a rich stock and garnished with Feta or Halloumi cheese. Alternatively, you can cook your Sitos sour trahanas in the frying pan with plenty of salt, pepper, and finely chopped parsley. 

  • Sitos sour homemade trahanas 
  • 16 oz. package
  • Contains wheat and milk
  • May contain egg
  • Sitos sour trahanas is a product of Greece