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Vourderis Sour Cherry preserve 1lb

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Vourderis Sour Cherry preserve is a classic Greek spoon sweet (glyko vyssino) that is made from sour cherries that have been stewed in sugar and water. This refreshing delicacy is traditionally served with a spoon for each guest to enjoy a portion with a glass of cold water, rather than spreading it on bread. 

Confectioners Vourderis, from Aegion in Greece, have been making delicious syrups, cordials, and preserves since the 1930s. Treat yourself to an ample spoonful of their famous sour cherry preserve served over yogurt, ice cream, or even grilled meats.

  • 1lb (453g) Vourderis sour cherry jar
  • 1 teaspoon (50g) serving size
  • Ingredients: sour cherries, glucose, glucose syrup, fructose syrup, water, potassium sorbate.
  • 178 calories per serving 
  • Product of Greece